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About us


We provide marketing and legal services...

  • In 2001 the Fast Forward agency was founded
    by Radek Čech.
  • At the beginning of 2002 the agency entered
    into the Association of Czech Advertising
    Agencies (AČRA)
  • In 2011 the agency has expanded by adding
    an online division Fast Forward Digital (FFD).
  • In 2013 the agency has associated with Young & Rubicam, the largest communication network in the world, establishing the Fast Forward | Y&R agency.
    Fast Forward | Young & Rubicam
  • The following year the Fast Forward | Y&R
    has expanded into Slovakia by creating the
    branch office Fast Forward Slovensko.
    Fast Forward | Slovensko
  • In 2014, we achieved a capital turnover of
    100 million CZK.
  • In September 2015, we established our branch office Fast Forward Arabia in Dubai.
    Fast Forward | Arabia

Our vision

Would you like to know who we are?

We are not just a marketing agency.
We are part of your business.

We are not just "suppliers".
We bring creative solutions.
We are here for you.

We are good enough to promote you, not ourselves.

We will take you forward.
Whenever you need to.

We live for marketing.

We create the campaigns for those who are not afraid to step out of line.

We innovate,
We inspire,
We surprise,
We listen,
We create...

Marketing services


"We will take you forward"

This is a simple summary of our marketing and communication strategies.


"Creativity is a special set of skills"

We try to put new, unique and unforgettable ideas and solutions into our proposals.


"We are in touch with it daily“

You probably don’t even realize, but it could also be our job.


"Thorough analysis and making of media plans“

And therefore we know very well what media to choose for your campaign.


"Being online is vital"

If you are not online, you do not even exist.


"We know how to get our clients recognized“

Always in the right place at the right time.

Direct marketing

"Be in constant contact with your clients"

Inform them about news and current events in your company.


"Show your clients who you are and what you do"

We will create an event to fulfill your goals.


Alfa Romeo Magazín Alpine Pro Česká spořitelna Euronics

Garmin Geberit Jan Becher Pernod Ricard Lexus Financial Services

Nikon RWE Sberbank Sencor Vodafone Ytong


Radek Čech


+420 724 048 556


Jewellery & Gemplex Building 3
Unit No: 3O-01-2151

Jewellery & Gemplex
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
P.O. Box 340505, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Marcela Junková

Managing Partner

+420 774 804 608
+971 504 974 701